A portrait of Guss Mallmann in black and white. His hands are placed in front of him, as he describes a shot during a film set.

Guss Mallmann is an award-winning Latinx-Australian Editor & Director.

As an Editor, his credits include the Cannes Lions 2023 campaign entry film for Samsung, which won the Grand Prix that year. Moreover, Guss has assembled high-end productions which included talents such as Ricky Gervais, Usain Bolt, Macklemore, Kevin Dylon and more.

As a Director, his music video 'Like People' earned a J Awards 2018 nomination for Australian Music Video of the Year, and secured the #2 spot on Rage FIFTY 2018 — only trailing Childish Gambino’s 'This Is America'. Other achievements include National Geographic's Cosmos Interstitials with Ann Druyan, DZ Deathrays' 'Like People', The Relentless Series featuring Anna Meares, and A Private Session.

Nurtured in the Digital Age of cinema, Guss embraced an unconventional path, mastering celluloid film techniques, operating Steenbecks and 16/35mm cinema cameras.

Guss's directing style is an intricate tapestry of interpretation. It unfolds through a minimalist, seductive, and humor-infused aesthetic. His productions have garnered acclaim at global film festivals and reached millions of viewers worldwide.

Beyond filmmaking, Guss indulges in his passions: travel, music, painting, and vintage lens collection.

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Graduate Certificate in Visual VFX, AFTRS

Bachelor or Social Communications with Honours in Advertising

Diploma of Popular Music & Performance

Diploma of Management

Certificate IV, Screen and Media — Assistant Directing