Guss Mallmann is an award-winning Brazilian-Australian Editor & Director.

Nurtured in the Digital Age of cinema, Guss embraced an unconventional path, mastering celluloid film techniques, operating Steenbecks and 16/35mm cinema cameras. Most recently, Guss is embracing the AI revolution and learning (a.k.a. playing with) various new tools – including the one used to create this portrait of him. After all, did you really think that spending 24h a day in a dark room would give him a suntan?

As an Editor, his credits include the Cannes Lions 2023 campaign entry film for Samsung, which won the Grand Prix that year. Moreover, Guss has assembled high-end productions which included talents such as Ricky Gervais, Usain Bolt, Macklemore, Kevin Dylon and others.

As a Director, his music video 'Like People' earned a J Awards 2018 nomination for Australian Music Video of the Year, and secured the #2 spot on Rage FIFTY 2018 — only trailing Childish Gambino’s 'This Is America'. Other achievements include National Geographic's Cosmos Interstitials with Ann Druyan, DZ Deathrays' 'Like People', and The Relentless Series featuring Anna Meares.

In 2015, Guss wrote and directed the post-horror short A Private Session. Through its deconstructed narrative, the film immerses the audience in the chilling mental landscape of women grappling with gaslighting and psychological violence. A Private Session was nominated for film competitions in Australia, UK, USA, Italy, Mexico and Colombia. 

Guss's directing style is an intricate tapestry of interpretation. It unfolds through a minimalist, seductive, and often with an absurdly-infused aesthetic. His productions have garnered acclaim at global festivals and reached millions of viewers worldwide.

Beyond filmmaking, Guss indulges in his passions: playing music, travelling, painting, and collecting vintage lenses. 

// AcAdeMiA

Graduate Certificate in Visual VFX, AFTRS

Bachelor or Social Communications with Honours in Advertising

Diploma of Popular Music & Performance

Diploma of Management

Certificate IV, Screen and Media — Assistant Directing

Certificate IV, Marketing

// scReen devel0pment pR0GRAMs

2023, Untapped, Australians in Film (AiF) — Project: "Tales of Men" (TV Series)

2021, Originate, SBS & VIC Screen — Project: "Duplicates" (Feature)

2021, Untapped, Australians in Film (AiF) — Project: "Duplicates" (Feature)

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Australian Screen Editors Guild (ASE)